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Longarm Quilting Service

Let us help you finish you quilts

Quilting methods

Edge to Edge from $4.50  sq.ft : The quilt is sewn in the same pattern and thread colour in rows across the quilt from edge to edge. 

Custom from $18.00 sq.ft : The quilt is sewn in different patterns and colours to complete the quilt. These include: stitch in the ditch, echoing, borders, and motifs. The price depends on the complexity of patterns.

Standard threads are included in price.

Additional charges may apply to variegated or specially ordered threads.

Other Services and Extra Charges

Basting Service $2.50 sq.ft
Binding Service  one side (hand finish by quilt  owner) .25 per liner inch

                                 or both side.30c per lineal inch (finished by machine)

Trimming back quilt $20

Crumb Catches extra charge from $20

Missing Areas $10 each

Joining backing fabric and repairing the quilt $10 per join

Borders $12.95 per sp.ft

Rod Pocket completely finished $50, hand finished by quilt owner $20

Urgent Quilting E2E $50, Custom $150


There is a minimum charge of $50.

We have a good selection of quality waddings and backings are available in our store.


If you need more information about our pricing or would like an estimate for your quilt, please contact us.

Quilt Preparation - Before we can work on your quilt, it needs to be made "machine ready".

The checklist below specifies exactly what we require. If you need any advice or assistance, please contact us.

  • Backing and wadding should be cut at least 8" longer and wider than the quilt top.       eg. 72” x 96” quilt top,  backing and wadding should be no smaller than 80”x104"

  • All edges of the wadding and backing should be trimmed straight and squared.

  • Quilt top and backing should be ironed flat and square.

  • Secure all seams that run to the edge of the quilt to prevent them from pulling apart.

  • Trim all loose threads, dark threads on the back may show through light coloured patches in your quilt.

  • Do not pin or baste your layers together.

  • A stay stitch around the quilt will prevent the seams from becoming loose and borders stretching

  • Indicate the top end of the quilt and backing fabric if directional.

If quilt requires any preparation an extra charge will be added.

prices are subject to change.

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